If you're reading this, you're probably interested in billboards. We started Blindspot in 2018 to build the easiest, simplest and most affordable way to get on a digital billboard. In the meanwhile, we raised +$1.2 million and signed clients like Snoop Dogg, Morning Brew, Picsart, Samsung, Universal Music, Safemoon (and dozens of other crypto
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Direct vs. Programmatic advertising on digital billboards
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Digital billboards and ads to inspire you – easy and simple with Blindspot
DOOH and Digital online advertising mixed together for huge impact
Digital Billboards in Times Square- Flexible Budgets with Blindspot
How can B2B start-ups leverage digital billboards to their advantage
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The GameStop billboard that broke the internet 
Place Exchange and Blindspot announce partnership
SMB Case: Doubling sales for virtual escape experience using digital billboards in key subway stations
VIOOH and Blindspot announce global partnership to enable performance driven, self-service advertising on JCDecaux inventory
Adsquare and Blindspot partner to offer advertisers more accountability and scalability on running data-driven Digital Out of Home campaigns
Using cross-border DOOH micro-buying during COVID-19 lockdowns to deliver 340% more direct leads
MFour and Blindspot announce partnership to enhance ROI tracking in Digital Out of Home

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