If you're reading this, you're probably interested in billboards. We started Blindspot in 2018 to build the easiest, simplest and most affordable way to get on a digital billboard. In the meanwhile, we raised +$1.2 million and signed clients like Snoop Dogg, Morning Brew, Picsart, Samsung, Universal Music, Safemoon (and dozens of other crypto
Direct vs Programmatic cover
Direct vs. Programmatic advertising on digital billboards
Digital Billboards and ads to inspire you cover
Digital billboards and ads to inspire you – easy and simple with Blindspot
DOOH and Digital online advertising mixed together for huge impact
Digital Billboards in Times Square- Flexible Budgets with Blindspot
Demand Driven Data
Tracking Results with DOOH
Flexible Budgets on DOOH
Campaigns at Global Scale
Staying in control with Blindspot
Network API Integration
With the addition of Burger King, Blindspot has now helped brands easily access inventory on 3 different continents
CASE STUDY: Using Blindspot to generate up to +54% revenue per month per digital billboard
Blindspot partners with Korea’s largest ERP provider — CY, INC.

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