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Airports generally have a huge volume of travelers passing through every day, more and more people are aware of digital billboards and advertisements installed in almost every corner of those airports – even some remote section corners too! And no matter how much we behave like business professionals with a professional look on our faces when traveling; we all stop for a minute or so to view things that come our way…things like cool ads displayed in high resolution LED screens, etc Billboards engage customers, so why not use it in the airport. Digital billboards are a great way to display the right message at the right time across all mediums which allows airports to integrate advertising into their daily operations.

We have amazing billboards in airports to offer you all over the world through our platform, and at very good prices that fit everyone’s budget. Curious to find out more? Let’s go through some excellent examples of digital billboards in some of the most important airports in the world.

Prestige Digital Network

Strategically placed fully animated digital billboards placed all over the airports of Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Miami, Orlando, and Pittsburgh. These strategically placed screens can be seen by anyone flying into USA at any one of these airports. Check out a few examples below.

Boston International Airport

Boston airport billboards with Blindspot


Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles airport billboards with Blindspot


Dallas International Airport

Dallas airport billboards with Blindspot


Digital Charging Stations

Digital billboards where you can charge your mobile device that are strategically placed in areas with the heaviest passenger volume and high dwell time. Very popular and well placed all over the airport. These screens are available in Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Boston, Miami, Orlando, and Pittsburgh airports. See some of them below.

Orlando International Airport

Digital Charging Stations billboards with Blindspot


Dallas International Airport

Digital Charging Stations billboards with Blindspot


Digital billboards in airports around the world

Of course, there are many airports in the world not just in the US with digital billboards that we offer for booking at any time. So what say we go through some of the airports and digital billboards we have in our offer for you outside of USA.


                                                                                                                            Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong airport digital billboards with Blindspot
One of the busiest airports in the world with over 100 million people passing here each month. And we have over 60 screens that you can book here right away through us.


Paris Airports

Paris airport digital screens with Blindspot

Also one of the most famous and busiest airports in the world is the Charles de Gaulle and Orly airports in Paris, France, with estimated traffic of over 400 million people per month. More than 280+ screens await for you to be booked by you with Blindspot. We can also offer you hundreds more digital billboards in other famous cities in France such as seen below.


Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

Nice Côte d’Azur airport screens with Blindspot


Marseille-Provence Airport


Marseille-Provence airport digital billboards with Blindspot


Nantes Airport

Nantes airport digital billboards with Blindspot


We have famous digital billboards in famous airports in Italy as well, such as Milan, Turin, Genova, or Bergamo. All these airports have over 60 million people passing through every month, and we offer you more than 180+ digital screens to book each day. See below for some relevant examples.


Milan Airport

Milan airport digital billboards with Blindspot


Bergamo Airport

Bergamo airport screens with Blindspot


Turin Airport

Turin Airport digital screens with Blindspot


We have more digital billboards ready to be booked in airports all over the world, all the way to New Zeeland at very accessible worldwide prices. Discover more airport screens on our platform and choose your next digital ad destination now!


Billboards in city 

London Billboards

Billboards in London

Discover billboards and be seen in The Magic City.

Times Square billboards

Times Square billboards

Now affordable for everyone with Blindspot

Chicago Billboards

Billboards in Chicago

Be seen in the Windy City, the second-largest city in America.

Atlanta Billboards

Billboards in Atlanta

Be seen in The Big Peach, the heart and soul of America’s economy.

Las Vegas Billboards

Billboards in Las Vegas

The City of Lights awaits your ads to come into town. Browse for a billboard now!

Los Angeles Billboards

Billboards in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is waiting to see your ad come to life. Browse billboards now!

Miami Billboards

Billboards in Miami

Discover billboards and be seen in The Magic City.

NY Billboards

Billboards in New York

Discover the best billboards in New York with prices starting as low as $1.

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