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Digital billboards on highways have an incredibly positive impact on revenue generation potential while being one of the least intrusive techniques out there today. There are numerous types and sizes of digital billboard displays that attract the attention of drivers on busy highways. Did you know what people are driving past is worth a ton of advertising space? Digital billboard advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your product or brand in an increasingly fast-paced society, wouldn’t it be nice, to have a billboard on one of the world’s most famous highways in the US?

America is known for some of the most famous highways in the world. From Route 66 to Interstate 80 and I95, they’re famous due to their locations, others because they have historical significance. Hundreds of thousands of cars pass by them everyday, so think of the potential an ad could have for you displayed on one of the many billboards placed alongside these amazing highways.

But how can that possibly happen without investing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars? Simple! Read on and see for yourself how easy and accessible such billboards are with us.

1. Interstate 95 – With a length of 1,908 miles, starting from Miami and going all the way up to the Canadian province of New Brunswick, it connects important cities like Miami, Washington, New York, Boston and Portland.

I95 digital billboard with Blindspot

I95 billboard with Blindspot

I95 billboard Blindspot

Such billboards can be booked for about $5/hour only through our platform where you can also find many other screens alongside the I95 highway from which you can choose right away.


2. Interstate 90 – It is the largest interstate highway in the US, covering 13 states. Starting from Seattle going for 3.085 miles all the way to Boston. It connects major cities like Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Cleveland, Springfield, and Erie.

Interstate 90 digital billboard

I90 highway digital billboard

I90 digital billboard with Blindspot

You can find and book billboards along the I90 highway on our platform starting at around $4/hour. It’s pretty easy to find the perfect billboard with us. Discover them all now by creating a free account.


3. Interstate 80 – Starting from downtown San Francisco in California and continuing for 2.906 miles and reaching its end in the city of New York this historic highway exists since 1956 and crosses important cities along the way like Sacramento, Chicago, Salt Lake City, Oakland, Cleveland, and New York.

Interstate 80 digital billboard

I80 highway digital billboard

I80 digital billboard with Blindspot

This historic highway has dozens of billboards for you to choose from at any time and book them very easily only through our platform at about $4.50/hour.


4. Interstate 10 – It is the southernmost cross-country highway in the American Interstate Highway System. Constructed in 1957, it has a length of 2.459 miles, starting in Los Angeles and ending in Jacksonville. Some of the most important cities it connects are Houston, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, New Orleans, and Phoenix.

Interstate 10 digital billboard

I10 highway digital billboard

I10 digital billboard with Blindspot

So many miles means so many options for you to choose from. Digital billboards along the I10 highway can be booked fast at prices around $5/hour that can only be found on our platform. Get one now!


5. Interstate 75 – Traversing 6 states, the highway starts in Miami and ends all the way up in Michigan at the border with Canada, having a length of 1.787 miles. Important cities that I75 connects are Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, and Cincinnati.

Interstate 75 digital billboard

I75 digital billboard

I75 digital billboard with Blindspot

A lot of miles, a lot of digital billboards, and a lot of possibilities to choose from. You can book one of these screens very fast starting from around $5/hour only through our platform. Check them out now!


As you can see there are many options to choose from, and all of them are available one click away. You could have an ad on any of these screens on any of these enormous and famous highways in just a couple of days. Be sure to check for other spectacular billboards on other famous highways that you can easily find on our platform.

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