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Do you want to start an ad campaign or simply promote your business or let everyone know about your success by getting up on a digital billboard? Then you’ve come to the right place. Through our platform, you can have instant access to digital billboards and start planning your campaign right away. Blindspot offers you more than 1 Million digital billboards worldwide (indoor & outdoor) that can be booked in less than 5 minutes.

Yes, that fast and easy!

Sounds good, but maybe sometimes you’re out of ideas or don’t know where to start, what billboards to choose, what creatives to show. Maybe you’re just stuck thinking about what you should show your audience to get their attention and impress them.

Don’t worry, it happens to all of us. And with such a wide range of billboards and locations, it sometimes gets hard to decide where and when to advertise.

So we went ahead and made it easier for you. Here are some examples of digital billboards and ads to inspire you for your next campaigns.

Ready? Let’s start.

LinkNYC Airbnb accessed Blindspot for a hyper-targeted campaign around New York City Hall, helping New Yorkers make their voice heard. LinkNYC and JCDecaux were the main publishers used as they provided the most robust inventory around relevant POIs.



Nasdaq Tower, one of the most popular and amazing billboards to advertise on, in Times Square New York. The pricing for this screen is dynamic, you can make an account on our platform and book it right away. It’s also a crypto-friendly billboard, letting you advertise your coin or token. With an estimated reach of over 13.000 people/hour, it supports static images. Snoop-Dogg, Picsart, Safemoon, Daddy Doge, and many more have already appeared on this screen through our platform. When will you?


Bryant Park Located between 6th Avenue and Broadway, this spectacular screen can be booked at very good prices on our platform. It is a crypto-friendly billboard and lets you advertise your coin for a minimum of 320 hours. The estimated reach for this billboard is over 3  million people/week, and it supports static images and full-motion videos. Companies like Edain Software, Pi Network, and many more have advertised on this billboard, and now awaits your ad.


Edain Software ad on Bryant Park through Blindspot


MiFi: previously known as Thomson Reuters, the new and improved billboard (seen in the most recent image for T-Mobile campaign) features a 30,000 square feet of HD LED video screens and sky-high displays placed in Times Square with over 10.000 people/hour reach. A true game-changer for you. It’s a crypto-friendly billboard that lets you advertise your coin for a minimum of 118 hours. This screen supports static images and full-motion videos. You can book it on our platform at amazing rates. Creatopy, Brandingmag, Simulate (NUGGS) and many more already had their ad on this amazing billboard already. You could have your ad here too in no time.


Penn Station located beneath Madison Square Garden, is the main intercity railroad station in New York, serving more than 600.000 passengers/day. It is a great place for advertising, placed in such an iconic location. You can book it on our platform at prices dedicated for every pocket and it is also a crypto-friendly billboard (also bookable for 63 hours minimum).  This screen supports only static images. FibSwap and many others have advertised on this screen. What are you waiting for?

Penn Station Blindspot ads

Penn Station Blindspot ads Dogebonk


The Beast – It feels a bit redundant to describe The Beast as a beast of a billboard but there’s really no other word for it. Everyone has heard of it! It’s one of the most famous billboards in New York, placed above the Mcdonald’s restaurant in Times Square. At over 7 stories high, with a 9300 square feet area, 4k resolution, and 350,000 people walking by it daily, The Beast demands attention. And the curve on its northern part and extra bright screen lights up the entire street and catches even more eyes. You could too! On our platform, you could book this billboard at very accessible prices. Crypto-related content is allowed on it, with some minimum requirements that can be found on our platform when selecting this screen. It supports both static and video content. Twin Sheba Coin, fintechOS, Digitalocean, and a lot more have advertised on this fabulous billboard.  Are you ready to put your ad up here?

AutoShark on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

Hamster Coin on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

Gamingshiba ad on The Beast billboard with Blindspot

Twin Sheba on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

Digitalocean on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

Iconic on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

fintechOS on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot

Our Sustainable Future on The Beast digital billboard through Blindspot


Broadway Plaza Digital billboard is placed right just outside H&M’s prime location at the southeast end of Times Square. It’s a 1,674 square feet spectacular billboard that reaches tens of thousands of people each hour. You will definitely make a statement if you could have your ad run here. And now you can, at an amazing and very accessible price only through our platform.

Broadway Plaza billboard Blindspot

Broadway Plaza billboard with Blindspot NY

Broadway Plaza billboard with Blindspot in NY

Broadway Plaza billboard with Blindspot in New York

Broadway Plaza billboard with Blindspot platform


Midtown NYC – Yes the famous Gamestop billboard that is the #1 most upvoted post in Reddit! Placed in Midtown Manhattan this already famous and spectacular billboard reaches thousands of people every hour and every day. This billboard can be booked very easy through our platform at very good prices. So why not book it faster? Your ad could be the next star on the internet with this billboard!

Midtown NYC billboard with Blindspot


Times Square One billboard – Is probably the most known digital billboard in the world. This is where the New Year’s Eve “Ball Drop” happens every year and has become a focal point in the capital of billboards. Boasting 310 foot tall LED, this spectacular display is designed to make sure you send a statement that won’t soon be forgotten. This screen is available for daily booking, not hourly. It reaches tens of millions of people each day and thus making it one of the most expensive displays we have connected in Times Square. But think of the impact you could make on such a monstrous screen. You can create a free account through our platform and book such a screen in only a few minutes.


The Cube or otherwise known as 2 Times Square – With three sides and six screens, The Cube lives up to its name. This digital spectacular spans 7th Avenue, Broadway and 47th Street and serves as the north anchor-point of Times Square. If you hold to the philosophy that bigger is better, The Cube is right up your alley because it’s over 6x larger than a standard billboard and can be seen from 5 blocks away. With your ad on The Cube, you’ll reach Times Square’s 150 million annual visitors and their followers too – it can be seen in the background of every social media post taken from Pedestrian Plaza.


LinkNYC – It’s a  network of over 1700 screens placed all over New York starting with Times Square and well placed in crowded and famous places that attract millions of people because they have free WI-FI. You can find them on our platform at prices that literally anyone can book them.

LinkNYC network in New York with Blindspot

Picsart ad on LinkNYC with Blindspot


WOW billboards are one of the most popular screens in Los Angeles and attract hundreds of thousands of people each week. These billboards support both static and video content (.jpg and .mp4) in Full HD and are placed in popular and high-traffic places in LA that reach thousands of people every day. You could reach thousands to; on our platform, you can book WOW billboards at very friendly costs. Crypto-related content is allowed. Snoop Dogg, Creatopy, Gamestop, and many more have already advertised on these billboards. When are you?

Snoop Dogg ad campaign through Blindspot

Creatopy Ad in LA Blindspot


Harmon Corner This billboard is placed on a three-story shopping mall on the Las Vegas Strip. This screen has over 16500 impressions each hour and can be booked on our platform at very friendly prices. Crypto-related content is allowed and can be booked for a minimum of 168 hours. The billboard supports both static images and full-motion video content. This huge screen is for sure a game-changer and it could be for you too.

Romanii au Talent ad on billboard in Las Vegas


Billboards in city 

Tampa Billboards

Tampa billboards

Unleash the Impact of Strategically Placed Digital Billboards in Tampa’s High-Traffic Zones.

Arlington billboards

Arlington billboards

Elevate Your Business with Billboard Advertising in Arlington.

San Francisco billboards

San Francisco billboards

Enhance Customer Engagement with San Francisco Billboards.

Kansas City Billboards

Kansas City billboards

Uncover the Power of Kansas City Billboards: High Visibility and Targeted Messaging for Maximum Impact.


Phoenix billboards

Phoenix billboards

Explore the Diverse Phoenix Billboard Market: Target Specific Audiences with Abundant Option.


Seattle Billboards

Seattle billboards

Unlock the Benefits of Billboard Advertising in Seattle: Cost-Effective and Unavoidable Visibility for Businesses.

Pasadena billboards

Pasadena billboards

Discover the Transformative Power of Pasadena Billboards: Unmatched Visibility for Business Success.

Nashville billboards

Nashville billboards

Discover Billboard Advertising Opportunities and be seen in the Melodic Metropolis.

Minneapolis Billboards

Minneapolis billboards

Explore the Billboard Advertising in Minneapolis and Illuminate Your Brand’s Presence with Blindspot.

London Billboards

Billboards in London

Discover billboards and be seen in The Magic City.

Times Square billboards

Times Square billboards

The most dynamic pricing, with Blindspot.

Chicago Billboards

Billboards in Chicago

Be seen in the Windy City, the second-largest city in America.

Atlanta Billboards

Billboards in Atlanta

Be seen in The Big Peach, the heart and soul of America’s economy.

Las Vegas Billboards

Billboards in Las Vegas

The City of Lights awaits your ads to come into town. Browse for a billboard now!

Los Angeles Billboards

Billboards in Los Angeles

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