Flexible Budgets on DOOH

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Buy competitively irregardless of budget size. 

Traditionally, OOH was bought through large budgets and long term commitment, as well as a lot of negotiation on top. This meant that companies that did not have these previous relationships could not competitively buy OOH without being forced in long term deals. Doing micro-campaigns at competitive rates was virtually impossible.

With Blindspot, prices are equal and transparent for everyone. The single unit price are time slots – hourly or daily – meaning you can buy as little as 1 hour on screens that you consider relevant for your brand. 

Regardless if you’re already spending on OOH and looking to optimise DOOH budgets or if you’re trying it out for the first time, Blindspot offers tools to improve your campaigns and results.

Flexible timing. Flexible location. 

Another traditional entry barrier is that if you want to test multiple locations at the same time, you have to discuss with multiple media owners and make sure you’re getting the same kind of deal from both companies. Unless you’re a large media agency, that’s almost impossible.

Blindspot allows you to book cross-network screens as easy as buying competing products online. The price you see is the price everyone gets, no exceptions.

Learn more by creating an account on the Blindspot platform, which can be accessed here.

UPDATE: Flexibility in the post-COVID-19 era.

Our core belief is flexible buying and ad placement. In uncertain times like these, it’s more important than ever to ensure every dollar you spend is a wise investment. This is why we’re doubling down on our “no minimum buy-in” guarantee and no long term commitment approach. We’re here to help our clients and advertisers manage their budgets in accordance to the new reality we all face.

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