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Frequently Asked Questions


Wait, so what are you, a media agency?

Quite the contrary! We take up the remaining inventory that media agencies don’t buy, make it affordable, measurable and contextual, then put it up for grabs for anyone.


Why isn’t the inventory sold? Is it bad?

It’s the same exact hours and placement that big brands buy – but the scope of the inventory is so large that current buyers simply don’t fill up the whole space. Our clients are advertising at the same hours and on the same screens as any other advertiser.


What screens are available?

The best way to check that is within the platform itself. We’re always adding new networks (and networks are always adding new digital indoor and outdoor screens) and we do our best to keep you informed of new additions.


What is the pricing?

The price for each hour block is based on the value of the screen taking into consideration size, quality and potential reach (both pedestrian and vehicular). Naturally, popular rush hours mean more people, which means the cost for those hours will be slightly higher than the slots during the night.


What about privacy in your analytics data?

We take privacy extremely seriously. The data we show you is completely anonymous and doesn’t encroach on personal data. We don’t store any footage or visuals.


Is there any guarantee that my campaign will run?

Yes. Once you submit your campaign and it has been approved, no one can push you out. Your campaign will run for the selected schedule.


Can I cancel my campaign?

Not currently. We will add this feature in the future. Until then, we recommend you start with creating campaigns on shorter timeframes so you can test how multiple visuals are performing.


How do I pay? Are there any hidden fees?

Same as you do with any online service – credit or debit card. Once you create a campaign, you’ll see a preview before submitting it for approval – the budget you see there is what you’ll end up paying, not a penny more.


What kind of content can I upload?

You can upload both videos and static images. Depending on the network(s) you choose, you’ll see the required file type once you reach the content upload section. Just make sure the file size of your content is under 40 MB.


Can I extend my campaign?

Once you book a certain schedule, you cannot extend it. You can, however, create an exact duplicate of that campaign that continues your previous schedule.


How long does the approval process take?

We try to keep the approval process as short as possible – it usually takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours. To be on the safe side, it’s best to submit your campaign 48 hours before you actually want it to go live.


Who decides if my content is appropriate?

Our specialized team checks if your content is in accordance with local and international law when it comes to outdoor advertising. To spare you the boring details, you’re generally allowed to advertise anything that falls within the categories of what you’ve seen on TV.


I want to inquire regarding a special campaign for my business.

We always welcome innovation! Send us an e-mail by clicking here and we’ll make sure to reach out as soon as possible.

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