If you're reading this, you're probably interested in billboards. We started Blindspot in 2018 to build the easiest, simplest and most affordable way to get on a digital billboard. In the meanwhile, we raised +$1.2 million and signed clients like Snoop Dogg, Morning Brew, Picsart, Samsung, Universal Music, Safemoon (and dozens of other crypto
Direct vs Programmatic cover
Direct vs. Programmatic advertising on digital billboards
Digital Billboards and ads to inspire you cover
Digital billboards and ads to inspire you – easy and simple with Blindspot
Embrace the captivating glow of nighttime digital billboards in New York. Illuminate your brand's presence and captivate audiences!
Digital Billboards in New York Times Square- Flexible Budgets with Blindspot
Effective Strategies for Local Business Promotion through Billboards
Billboard Dimensions: A Guide to Effective Advertising
[Case Study] Rihanna’s comeback to music after 6 years!
Arctic and Beko case study cover
[Case Study] Blindspot & Carrefour DOOH drive a staggering 149% – 290% sales increase for Beko & Arctic
Digital blimp cover
A blimp at the cost of a digital billboard with Blindspot
Design Tips and best pratcies cover
Digital billboard advertising – Design Tips & Best Practices
NFTs powered by Blindspot cover
Digital billboards – a canvas for your NFTs, powered by Blindspot
Why Blindspot cover
Why Blindspot?
What is Blindspot? TLDR Version

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