Winning Billboard Marketing Campaigns – Target, Captivate, Convert

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While many people worry that billboards won’t make an impression because of their limited visibility, this couldn’t be further from the case. In fact, billboards have an ROI of about 497%, and those using them see a $6 return for every dollar they spend.

Read on for some practical guidance for crafting impactful billboard marketing campaigns.

The Benefits of Billboard Marketing

We’ve all been impacted by billboards before. Maybe you simply found one funny while driving to work. You also might have seen one, thought the product being advertised seemed useful, and made a purchase shortly after that.

In both of these scenarios, the billboard worked its magic on you. You had positive feelings for the brand and became aware of its services.

Brand awareness is one of the best parts of any effective billboard campaign. When you erect a big sign by a busy road or highway, you showcase your business to a local audience when they drive by. This is especially effective when you’re trying to stick in local buyer’s minds or drive fast foot traffic.

Billboards also have a guaranteed audience because people will always drive by them. They offer continuous exposure so a steady parade of people become aware of your brand. It’ll constantly work its magic so that you can expect a regular stream of new customers.

Billboard marketing is also cost-effective. Unlike digital pay-per-click ads or ongoing SEO campaigns, you only need to pay for your billboard once. You buy the location that you want to show it off and then design your effective billboard with the help of a professional. A digital advertising billboard also has no print required, so you save on the costs of printing materials and labor.

Creative Design Tips

Designing digital or conventional billboards may sound challenging, but a professional can help you stay up-to-date on current trends. Creating a sound billboard marketing strategy is important. Talk with an expert about what design elements lead to conversions and a high ROI. They likely will have some ideas and can guide you in the right direction.

One general tip for billboard design is that minimalism is always beneficial. The billboard only has a second or two to hit the landing since people just see it as they drive by. This means that the design has to be straightforward, eye-catching, and vibrant.

You also don’t want to have more than seven words on the billboard. Too much text means that people won’t be able to read it. The message won’t sink in and you’ll waste design space that could be spent showcasing bold brand colors and simple cutout graphics.

Uniquely Successful Billboards

Following simple guidelines for minimalism isn’t enough to make an effective and impactful billboard. After all, all the other brands whose ads line the highway are going to apply similar design principles. You’ll need to think outside the box to be noticeable or memorable.

Controversial billboards are a good choice for some brands because they invoke powerful emotions in people and start conversations. This makes them memorable, but you need to ensure that you don’t get too political. Passion is the goal, not anger or divisiveness.

If you don’t want controversy. you can use the surrounding area of your billboard to create a memorable advertisement. For example, if there’s a tree branch right above or below your billboard, consider highlighting it in the design. 3D elements, textures, and light effects are also awesome on both traditional and digital billboards.

Messaging Techniques for Grabbing Attention

Billboard marketing effectiveness can come down to messaging. Contrast and interesting typography make a billboard more readable. They grab attention and make it simple to process at a glance.

Choose one or two images that serve as a focal point for your billboard. Make sure that they show up starkly against the background color. Frame them in a contrasting hue if necessary.

Use strong headlines that show people what they’re looking at in pictures. Remember to keep this simple, though – you don’t want more than a few words taking up space. People don’t want to read that much even if they could, and they physically can’t when they’re driving by.

It’s also important to integrate billboards with other marketing channels for maximum impact. Put a quick, easy-to-read social media handle on your billboards so that people can seek you out easily. Those with a seasonal marketing strategy can switch the design up for each season to create a cohesive marketing campaign for currently hot seasonal products.

Targeting the Right Demographics

Your billboard also needs to target the consumers who matter most to you.

Since billboards usually aim to drive local traffic, choosing the right location is an important part of this. You want to reach people who actually have the means to come into your business, so find a spot where those people are going to drive frequently.

You also need to use your billboard effectively for its location. Visibility and traffic speed will impact how long you have to make an impression. The distance between the billboard and the road is also an important consideration when determining how large your font and images should be.

It’s also important to make sure that your billboard appeals to those that you’re trying to reach. You’ll need to think about your target demographics to figure this out.

Are you selling jewelry for middle-class young women? They’re probably stylish and feminine, so pink lettering and colorful photos of products are a good choice. If you’re selling software to upper-level male executives, though, you may prefer more muted colors, simple fonts, and photos and graphics displaying people thinking and problem-solving.

Start a Successful Billboard Marketing Campaign

Now that you know how to target, captivate, and convert with billboard marketing, it’s time to create and showcase a quality design. Our team is committed to helping you find the right place to erect a billboard. We also help design billboards for companies in many different industries so that you can reach the clientele that matters most.

We’re excited to hear your specific needs and objectives. Contact Blindspot to learn more about how we can help you map out your billboard marketing strategy ASAP.

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case studies

The work we are proud of

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