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Automation is scary. We get it. 

Out of Home is all about reputation and relationships. Technology can help accelerate sales and generate additional revenue, but that doesn’t mean it should come at the cost of negatively impacting existing business.

Blindspot makes sure to enhance your current model, rather than change it, in 3 key ways:

  1. Two sided approval: once campaigns start flowing in from Blindspot, we check all the content that is coming towards your screen. The final approval step, however, is on your side, the media owner. You decide what will run and what won’t. Your screens, your call.
  2. Digital Budgets: the fact that we sell hourly-based and dynamic campaigns makes us incompatible with traditional OOH media agencies. We either work with a client’s digital/online departments in order to link DOOH and online marketing efforts or with brands that don’t traditionally advertise on Digital Out of Home.
  3. Pricing that makes sense: we set up competitive pricing together and stick to it.

Blindspot is designed to be an add-on for the current OOH and DOOH industry. We’ve specifically developed tools and operations in such a way to help everyone grow – from advertisers to media owners – not just change what already works.


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Tampa Billboards

Tampa billboards

Unleash the Impact of Strategically Placed Digital Billboards in Tampa’s High-Traffic Zones.

Arlington billboards

Arlington billboards

Elevate Your Business with Billboard Advertising in Arlington.

San Francisco billboards

San Francisco billboards

Enhance Customer Engagement with San Francisco Billboards.

Kansas City Billboards

Kansas City billboards

Uncover the Power of Kansas City Billboards: High Visibility and Targeted Messaging for Maximum Impact.


Phoenix billboards

Phoenix billboards

Explore the Diverse Phoenix Billboard Market: Target Specific Audiences with Abundant Option.


Seattle Billboards

Seattle billboards

Unlock the Benefits of Billboard Advertising in Seattle: Cost-Effective and Unavoidable Visibility for Businesses.

Pasadena billboards

Pasadena billboards

Discover the Transformative Power of Pasadena Billboards: Unmatched Visibility for Business Success.

Nashville billboards

Nashville billboards

Discover Billboard Advertising Opportunities and be seen in the Melodic Metropolis.

Minneapolis Billboards

Minneapolis billboards

Explore the Billboard Advertising in Minneapolis and Illuminate Your Brand’s Presence with Blindspot.

London Billboards

Billboards in London

Discover billboards and be seen in The Magic City.

Times Square billboards

Times Square billboards

The most dynamic pricing, with Blindspot.

Chicago Billboards

Billboards in Chicago

Be seen in the Windy City, the second-largest city in America.

Atlanta Billboards

Billboards in Atlanta

Be seen in The Big Peach, the heart and soul of America’s economy.

Las Vegas Billboards

Billboards in Las Vegas

The City of Lights awaits your ads to come into town. Browse for a billboard now!

Los Angeles Billboards

Billboards in Los Angeles

The City of Angels is waiting to see your ad come to life. Browse billboards now!

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