No Minimum Buy In

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No minimum buy-in. Ever. 

Blindspot is on a mission to make Digital Out of Home accessible to any type of advertiser. While we’re committed to ensuring content quality standards and always will be, we will never ask for a larger minimum buy-in than what we get from the media owner.

Historically, media companies would offer certain discounts if an advertiser committed a certain amount of budget for multiple months or even a year. While that works in traditional advertising and indirect deals, it’s not a scalable model for a world with more and more businesses and startups looking to get ahead. 

Blindspot works with daily on hourly slots, allowing advertisers to buy as little as 1 hour on 1 screen at competitive prices. Through the Blindspot platform, which can be accessed here, campaign duration is limited to 30 days in order to ensure clients are always analyzing results, refreshing their campaigns, and getting the most out of their spending.

Regardless if you’re already spending on OOH and looking to optimize DOOH budgets or if you’re trying it out for the first time, Blindspot offers tools to improve your campaigns and results.

Read more about how Blindspot’s hourly slots work here

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