Blindspot partners with Korea’s largest ERP provider — CY, INC.

| TPS Engage

CY, INCis a subsidiary company part of BSG Partners, which has been providing results-oriented SAP solutions for the past 18 years in South Korea and abroad.

CY, INC. offers turnkey integrated solutions for ERP as well as other complex IT integrations for large-scale enterprises. CY’s solutions have been applied for clients such as Samsung, Hyundai, LG, Hanwha Group, AmoraPacific, and more.

Through the partnership with Blindspot, both companies are able to expand their portfolio and offer client’s an easy way to integrate their own data within Digital Out of Home campaigns in Korea and abroad.

“Being data-driven in today’s world is not an option anymore, it’s mandatory. However, just having access to data is rarely enough — it’s just as important how you put that data to use in real-time unless you’re in the library or data collection business. Our partnership with CY INC. allows us to do exactly that for our common clients, apply their data expertise to real-world scenarios and optimize their offline presence through the use of Digital Out of Home” said Matei Psatta, Blindspot CMO.

“Clients are demanding more and more from their IT partners. They expect and should receive an integrated solution that is easy to deploy, can work in multiple scenarios, and solves more than one specific problem. Our SAAS model allows us to offer this to any client in the world and the partnership with Blindspot means that we can solve another important problem — marketing accountability and efficiency in the offline world” said Suhwan Jung, CY, INC. Sales Representative.

The joint solution is currently being piloted in South Korea.


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