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[Case Study] Blindspot & Carrefour DOOH drive a staggering 149% – 290% sales increase for Beko & Arctic

by Blindspot
For two brands aimed at increasing their customers’ quality of life and comfort through innovation, they certainly managed to do that by sky-rocketing sales for their new products: ARCTIC ExtraSteam Technology Washing Machine: Arctic presents ExtraSteam Technology, with 5 years’ guarantee. Arctic. Evolving Together   BEKO HARVESTfresh™ Refrigeration Technology & BEKO AEROperfect™  Fan Oven Technology:

A blimp at the cost of a digital billboard with Blindspot

by Blindspot
It's the first time in the history of advertisement that a blimp of 178’ long and 65’ tall will be entirely digital! Every single pixel on this blimp will be interactive. Launching on November 25th, 2022 it follows a preprogrammed flight path to maximize your campaign reach around a targeted area. With a CPM as low